Russell Crowe breaks all rules in “Unhinged”

Oscar winner Russell Crowe shines in the film gratis action thriller Unhinged – Out of control as an inexorable stranger who loses all nerves in traffic: he meets Rachel (Caren Pistorius), who is again too late in the morning chaos and is upset that the man does not continue despite the green traffic light. As a result, she honked past him. But with that she gets to the wrong person on the wrong day. The stranger boils with anger. A fast-paced, nerve-wracking psycho trip on the street begins.

With his aggressive behavior, Russell Crowe as Wüterich violates almost every conceivable rule of the traffic code. And the filmmakers were guided by the bitter reality, because: 82% of all motorists in the United States admit that they behaved rowdy or aggressively on the road at least once in the past year. And let’s be honest: really hit the horn and vent the anger? Too lazy to turn on the blinker? Flashing lights on the highway? Swearing at the other drivers? Don’t we all know that a little bit, the wild “road rager” in us?

On the occasion of Unhinged’s theatrical release – Out of Control on July 16, today we want to remind you of the three golden etiquette rules “on the road” to get through the traffic in a manner that is carefree and carefree. Because always remember: He can happen to anyone.

Take care with the (rude) horn

The protagonist Rachel, unfortunately, violates a generally applicable traffic rule in the stress of the morning hour and uses the horn insistently to inform the stranger in the neighboring car of the onward journey at the green traffic light. She literally “screams” through the horn. According to the traffic regulations of most countries, the horn should only be used as a hazard warning. In Germany, unauthorized honking at a green traffic light can even be fined. Russel Crowe as the stranger at the wheel also draws Rachel and her son’s attention: “Do you know what polite honking is, young man? It sounds so, gentle and friendly ”. So if you cook inside again because the person in front doesn’t get going: scold yourself. But please quietly and with the windows closed.

Keep your distance without hesitation (instead of jostling)

Anyone who can almost feel the car behind them on their bumpers is clearly the victim of a pushing attack. So the stranger clings to Rachel’s heels, keeps beating tight and penetrates her rear in a tour. Jostling is an absolute no-go in traffic, but keep your distance! The same applies to braking: Please brake in time, wild braking maneuvers only belong on the race track – and not on the highway and country road!

To be loving instead of swearing and unnecessarily getting in

Admittedly, we all know these bad days. If you encounter Schleicher, Raser, Traumer & Co at the wheel, the fuse can quickly burst in a bad mood. So Russell Crowe, as a grumpy guy, quickly gets into a bad mood and takes it out on innocent Rachel… Should you get behind the wheel despite your frustration, please take heed: keep calm, suppress diabolical thoughts, take three deep breaths and keep both hands on the steering wheel. This also protects your blood pressure in the car!

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